How to properly store kitchen seasoning can glass contains

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Jul 26,2021

This article introduces the storage method of the kitchen seasoning can glass contains

Aliquot storage:

Some small bags of seasonings are not sealed with clamps, often scattered in the cupboards.

And also bulk spices, like octagons, bay leaves, dried peppers and so on, that are bought from a food market.

All of these can be packed by Kitchen seasoning can glass containers, not only convenient and good sealing, but also not easy to oxidize and deteriorate.

For example: magnet style kitchen seasoning can glass contains, it can simply adsorb on the iron wall surface and the color value is also good, it's suitable for the lower kitchen love who has lots of spices at home.

Barrel coloring oils it is also recommended to aliquot into vials with lids.The oil outlet of the vial is relatively small, and some professional products will have a valve design to control the amount of oil.The advantage of packaging is that when cooking food, you can control how much oil is poured instead of losing it.

Grouped uptake method:

Glass vials were contained into a cabinet and kitchen seasoning can glass con TAINERS were wiped by hand with a spatula or kitchen paper each day while washing the bowl

Of course, before putting Kitchen seasoning can glass containers into the cabinet, we can divide it into two kinds, commonly used and not commonly used, and then put them in the basket.

The usual combinations may be placed individually in the same recipient basket, and when making the dish the required kitchen seasoning can glass contains can be removed at once as long as the recipient baskets are removed.Such as the daily usual combination of "" table salt, granulated sugar" or the combination of "" soy sauce, Chen vinegar, "" etc.

In addition to the basket, stationery storage tools are also active in the kitchen. File rack, paperwork layered rack, etc., all allow kitchen studying can glass contains to fit neatly at once.

Some squeezed condiments, such as mustard strips, ketchup, and so on, come over and are more convenient to use next time.

The above is the method of Kitchen seasoning can glass containers storage.




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