Jan 03,2023

How to choose the material of food Storage jar

Food Storage jar is an important part of the current food industry, and it is of great significance to prevent food contamination and oxidation.

Jan 05,2022

Quality and Analysis of Two-in-one Transparent Seasoning Bottle Production

Nowadays, many customers repeatedly ask for lower prices, but in fact, quality and price are directly proportional. First of all, the production of Two-in-one Transparent Seasoning Bottle requires molds.

Dec 29,2021

Raw materials and production methods of Kitchen seasoning can glass containers

In modern society, people need to use a lot of glass products in their daily lives, and it is completely impossible to get rid of glass. Glass is stable, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, and is hard and durable.

Dec 15,2021

What are the production processes of food storage jar

The glass food storage jar has good transmission and light transmission performance, high chemical stability, and can obtain strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation effect according to different processing methods, and can even make the glass self-discoloring, and isolate the excessively strong Light, so it is often used in all walks of life to meet different needs.

Jun 10,2021

Choice of Condiment Cruet for different seasonings

Condiments are generally processed products that are acidic or alkaline. Therefore, if they are placed in a metal Condiment Cruet for a long time, they will easily corrode the metal and cause the flavor of the condiment to change.

Feb 18,2021

How to choose to buy a good price and quality food storage jar

Regardless of the size of the kitchen at home, there is no harm in being organized. If you want life to be more refined, a small food Storage jar can do it. Used to store some candies, biscuits and other snacks, or the beans and side dishes in the kitchen, not only give things a place to contain them, but also decorate your home.

Jan 25,2021

Daily food should be kept fresh, or the food Storage jar is more reliable and easy to use!

Food preservation has always been a big problem. Dried fruit snacks that you can't finish eating are easily dampened at home, and even deteriorate. If the seasonings and ingredients in the kitchen are scattered everywhere, they will lose their original taste. It can be stored in food storage tanks. The glass material is healthy and environmentally friendly, with good airtightness, transparent and visible, and convenient to use. If you want to pickle some food by yourself, food Storage jar are also a good choice. The glass is stable and has no peculiar smell after long-term use. It is fresh and high-quality, very practical. F
Daily food should be kept fresh, or the food Storage jar is more reliable and easy to use!

Jan 22,2021

Good-looking and food Storage jar, you can put snacks or ingredients

We often use storage tanks in our lives, which can help us organize and organize, and at the same time can become our home decorations. There are many types of storage tools nowadays, including storage boxes, storage bags, storage tanks. Today I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of food Storage jar.
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