What do the 6 boxes on the Starbucks coffee mug mean?


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Dec 23,2020

Friends who often go to Starbucks will find that there are a series of boxes on the side of Starbucks cups, and each box has a corresponding note. Whenever you order coffee, the cashier will draw a sketch in the box.

What do the 6 boxes on the Starbucks coffee cup mean?
Friends who often go to Starbucks will find that there are a series of boxes on the side of Starbucks cups, and each box has a corresponding note. Whenever you order coffee, the cashier will draw a sketch in the box.

Today we are going to talk, what do these boxes mean?
The first box: Decaf


The full name of Decaf is "Decaffeinated". It is decaffeinated. Of course, it is more than coffee that can be decaffeinated.

Decaffeinated is the removal of caffeine from coffee beans, cocoa, tea leaves, and other caffeine-containing materials.

Decaffeination is the removal of caffeine from coffee beans, cocoa, tea and other substances that contain caffeine.

If you want coffee but don't want caffeine. Then you can suggest that you want Decaf coffee when ordering. If you order Decaf coffee, usually the cashier will put an X in the box as a mark for the barista.

The second box: Shots

The so-called Shots actually refers to the number of espresso servings in a cup of coffee drink.

Almost all brewed coffee beverages are based on Espresso. For some people who have a heavier taste or prefer espresso flavor, increasing the number of espresso in a cup of coffee beverage has become a very important method.

Usually there is only one shot of espresso in a coffee drink. But it can be requested through the double-shot or triple-shot method. Requesting a few more copies will charge you the corresponding price.

So when you have an espresso requesting more shots, the cashier will write the corresponding Arabic numbers in the box as a sign to the barista.


The third box: Syrup

The so-called Syrup actually refers to adding different flavored syrups in coffee according to the needs of customers.

The most common ones are Caramel, Hazelnut and Vanilla. Of course, Starbucks, as the leader of modern coffee fashions, launches a cat's claw cup that can make many people wait in line or even fight, and its research and development capabilities should not be underestimated. So every once in a while, Starbucks will launch new syrups with different flavors.

When you request to add a certain syrup, the cashier will write the corresponding initials of the syrup in the box. For example, vanilla syrup writes a capital "V" as a sign to the barista.


The fourth box: Milk

Milk may be the most easily overlooked detail for us Chinese. The common people's perception of milk is usually very general. This is because the classification of dairy products in our country is not so strict. In fact, milk can be divided into many types in European and American countries. At Starbucks, all your needs for different milks can basically be met.

How many types of milk are added to coffee? There are actually 4 types.

Whole milk, also known as Full cream milk. Chinese called whole milk. Whole milk has the strongest milk flavor and the richest milk froth. However, due to the relatively high fat content, people who are concerned about their body generally will not choose whole milk.

Low fat milk is called low fat milk in Chinese. The fat content of low-fat milk is much lower than that of whole milk. But it is not completely fat-free. The milk froth produced by low-fat milk is still shaped and can be used for coffee latte art.

Skimmed milk means skimmed milk in Chinese. Skimmed milk reduces the fat content of milk to less than 0.5%. This number is 1/7 of whole milk. Skim milk is suitable for people who want to keep in shape or other people with special needs. However, skimmed milk is basically unable to form milk froth, which makes it impossible for skimmed milk to garland coffee.

Soya milk is soya milk in Chinese. Soy milk is a very suitable alternative for many people who cannot drink animal protein dairy products. But in the same way, soy milk cannot form plump milk foam.

When ordering, you can use "type of milk + coffee name" or "coffee name + with + type of milk" to request different milk choices.


Can I have a low fat latte please?

I would like a cappuccino with skimmed milk, please.

When you request the milk type, the cashier will write the corresponding abbreviation in the box. For example, skim milk will write N, and soy milk will write S to inform the barista.


The fifth box: Custom

The so-called Custom refers to the special request made by the customer when ordering.

One of the most common requirements is about temperature (Temperature) requirements.

Coffee can generally be made hot (Hot) or ice (Iced).

But if you like very hot coffee, you can also request Extra Hot.

In addition to temperature, you can also request the amount of milk foam (Foam). You can also request to add some topping such as chocolate chips.

When you have a temperature requirement, the cashier will write the corresponding initials in the box. For example, H represents heat, and Ice adds a bar to represent iced coffee.


The sixth box: Drink

The so-called Drink refers to the type of coffee drinks that guests order when ordering.

When you order a coffee drink, the cashier will write the corresponding initials in the box. For example, latte will write L, American coffee will write A, etc.

The corresponding expression of size and packing:

In addition to the content in the box, you generally need to provide two pieces of information. One is Size, and the other is dine-in or takeaway.

In addition to Espresso, which is based on Single and Double, Starbucks coffee drinks usually have three sizes. But these three sizes are not called Small, Medium and Large.

At Starbucks, the middle cup is called Tall, the big cup is called Grande, and the extra large cup is called Venti.

Some people will ask why there is no small cup?

The smallest size of Starbucks cold drinks is Tall. Only in the specification of hot drinks there is a small cup (Short).

Although there is this specification, there are very few people who order it and can basically be ignored.

Dine in or take away?

Generally, the cashier will ask after you order: "is that to have here or to go?"

There are also some coffee shops that are typical grab-and-go coffee shops. This kind of coffee shop generally has no place in the shop for you to sit down and enjoy coffee.

Combining the above two points, there is a trick circulated in the market.

When you drink coffee at Starbucks, it's more cost-effective to leave a small cup to drink. The big cup is more cost-effective to take away.

Fun facts

There is a saying in English: Don't judge a book by its cover. "Don't judge people by their appearance". Coffee also has some expressions of "the name is very full, the reality is very skinny", here I want to give you two popular science expressions about coffee that many people have misunderstood:

First, many people think that black coffee is more bitter than white coffee. The reason is that we use the name to determine that white coffee sounds more elegant. But this perception is wrong. The "White" here does not mean that the taste of this coffee is more elegant, but it means that no other ingredients are added during the coffee beans processing and roasting process. "White" represents the meaning of "Pure". Therefore, white coffee will actually give you a better bitter and slightly sour taste.

Second, Starbucks has a star product: Flat white. According to this name, many people have come to the conclusion that Fu Rui Bai should be a friendly, milky coffee. But in fact, this coffee drink from Australia and New Zealand is very similar to cappuccino and latte in form. But Fu Rui Bai reduced the proportion of milk foam (Foam) and increased the proportion of espresso (Espresso). Therefore, although the name of Fu Rui Bai sounds very plain, it highlights the concentrated flavor of Italian style.

Buying coffee can be expressed as required:

I would like a tall extra hot decaf vanilla flavoured latte with soya milk to go please?

But this will be too long and can be split into:

Can I have a tall vanilla latte, decaf. And would you please make it extra hot, and with soya milk. Thanks.

Then the other person asks you: is that to have here or to go?

Finally, add a "not too serious" coffee: Irish coffee (Irish coffee)

Irish coffee is a cocktail consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar, stirred, and topped with cream. The coffee is drunk through the cream.

Irish coffee is a cocktail made by mixing hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar with cream on top. Coffee is drunk through cream.

In fact, Irish coffee is not a type of coffee. It is a cocktail (Cocktail). Many cocktails have Kahlua (Kahlua), so the coffee-flavored cocktail is not only Irish coffee.

What other interesting knowledge do you know about coffee? Welcome to leave a message to share~

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